• Office of workers compensation programs in Maryland & Cherry Hills, USA

    What Is the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program (OWCP)? 

    Experienced Legal Aid for Federal Workers’ Comp Are you a federal employee who has been injured on the job? If so, there are benefits you may be entitled to. By filing a claim through the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program (OWCP), you can receive your rightful compensation. To present your case to the OWCP, we […]

  • Federal workers comp claim denied in Maryland, USA

    Can You Appeal a Federal Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial?

    All You Need to Know About Federal Workers’ Compensation You’ve been denied your workers’ comp for an injury sustained at your job. What’s next? Federal workers across America have the right to file an appeal. Hiring a federal workers’ compensation lawyer provides you with the best chances of winning an appeal. At Aumiller Lomax, our […]

  • What Is a Consequential Injury? Maryland & NJ, USA

    What Is a Consequential Injury? 

    Leading Legal Services for Federal Workers Federal employees who have suffered a work-related injury have the right to receive compensation in the United States. But what happens if your injury causes another injury? It can be hard enough to prove your initial injury happened in the workplace, let alone a consequential injury. However, strong legal […]

  • schedule award injury in Maryland

    Do I Qualify for a Schedule Award?

    All You Need to Know About Schedule Awards If you’re a federal worker who has suffered a permanent injury at your workplace, you may be entitled to a schedule award. In the United States, employees who have been hurt on the job can be compensated for their medical bills, a portion of their lost wages, […]

  • federal workers compensation lawyer, Maryland

    Should You Hire an Attorney in a Federal Workers’ Compensation Claim?

    Experienced Legal Representation for Federal Workers Unfortunately, accidents at work happen all too often. Luckily, in the United States, if you were injured in the workplace you can file for workers’ comp. It’s your right to receive compensation for lost wages you’ve endured and to have your medical expenses covered because of an injury in […]