Can You Appeal a Federal Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial?

Hiring a federal workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland & NY, USA

All You Need to Know About Federal Workers’ Compensation

Hiring a federal workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland & NY, USA

You’ve been denied your workers’ comp for an injury sustained at your job. What’s next? Federal workers across America have the right to file an appeal.

Hiring a federal workers’ compensation lawyer provides you with the best chances of winning an appeal. At Aumiller Lomax, our skilled and dedicated attorneys will advocate for your rights to compensation. Even if you’ve been denied, there’s still hope to get your rightful payments. We advocate for federal workers across the country who have experienced claim denial so they can have a second chance at succeeding.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial, Explained

If you’ve been hurt while at a federal job, you can receive compensation for lost wages and medical expense benefits by applying for a federal workers’ compensation claim. To successfully qualify for the funds, however, you’ll have to prove that the injury happened while you were on the job. Often, claims get denied for lack of evidence, or they get approved but only for some, not all, of your work-related conditions.

When denied, the OWCP will issue a formal decision with appeal rights. You can continue attempting to win your case by filing an appropriate appeal.

How to Appeal Your Claim Denial

There are different methods of appeal, depending on the type of decision issued. Read the appeal rights attached to your decision carefully. In initial denials you are typically provided with three appeal choices: 1) The Branch of Hearings and Review (BHR), either by hearing or review of the written record; 2) The Employees Compensation Appeal Board (ECAB); or 3) Request for Reconsideration.

There are different reasons to choose each appeal method. It can be difficult to figure out which appeal method is best for your case. This is one area where an experienced legal representative can help you.

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