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Our federal compensation lawyers at Aumiller Lomax are experienced in fighting a wide number of legal battles. When you need aggressive and dedicated representation, we will stand by your side. We know that legal cases can be quite complex and we want to help make the process as understandable and stress-free as possible. We provide additional resources that are great for any case.

It might be helpful if you are familiar with:

  • OWCP The Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs has put in place options to help workers who have been injured in the workplace. It can provide for wage replacement, rehab, and medical treatment, among other benefits. Gaining what you deserve is not always a smooth process. We are here to ensure that you are truly taken care of by the OWCP.
  • FECA The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, or FECA, is a federal law that was enacted to make sure that federal workers injured on the job would get the compensation due them. FECA benefits are not retirement benefits, since they continue only as long as the worker can offer proof of continuing disability to work that is directly connected to the incident at the workplace.
  • Schedule award Permanent injury awards, called schedule awards, are work injury related medical benefits given to a worker who has suffered a complete or partial loss of use of a limb or organ. It is also a possible benefit in the case of disfigurement to the face, neck, or head. Before the award can be administered, a complex process must be completed. We will be with you every step of the way.

When you meet with one of our United States compensation lawyers, we will help you to formulate a practical and effective strategy for dealing with all the details of your case. Whether you are seeking information regarding OWCP, FECA, or schedule awards, we are here to make every complex issue simple and to point you in the right direction! Call us today at (856) 751-0440 if you have any other questions.

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