Federal Employees’ Compensation Act

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The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA for short) was a law passed by the federal government to ensure that federal workers would receive compensation for an injury on the job. At Aumiller Lomax, our compensation lawyers understand every aspect of FECA and how to maximize the benefits you are entitled to by law. When you take the time to discuss your case with our lawyers, you can’t go wrong!

FECA benefits can include the following types of benefits:

  • Wage Compensation
  • Medical Treatment and Expenses
  • Schedule Awards (Permanent Injury Awards)

FECA is a statue that is administered by the OWCP, and can benefit a wide variety of workers from the FBI, IRS, DOD, TSA, and BOP, just to name a few. The federal system can be extremely complex, and we know that you need an experienced lawyer on your side. To schedule your free consultation, call our law firm today at (856) 751-0440.

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