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Who Are We?

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No Guarantee of Results

Sometimes we may share prior results in other legal matters in our web profile. The results portrayed were dependent on the facts of the particular matters described, among other variables. Results will differ if based on different facts. We intend no assurance and make no guarantee or prediction that we will be successful in new matters, even if they involve similar facts and circumstances. We also do not represent that we are successful in all matters. Prior results cannot and do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future matter, including yours. We do not guarantee any outcome or result in any legal matter. We cannot guarantee a favorable result or even a result you will be happy with.

Each and every legal matter must be evaluated on its own relative merits, facts and law. Any expression by Aumiller Lomax relative to prior results obtained are for informational purposes only and may contain matters of opinion given expressed in good faith.

Occasionally, other individuals may share their thoughts or feelings (hopefully favorable) pertaining to Aumiller Lomax in our web profile or on other websites. Note that whether favorable or not, someone else’s experience may not be your own. We do not control or edit comments left by other individuals. For this reason, we urge you to not be swayed positively or negatively by comments left across our web profile or on other websites, but rather make your own determination. Someone else’s experience does not guarantee a similar experience for you. That being said, we do strive to make your experience with us a good one in what is often a troubling time for an individual.

Attorney/Legal Advertising

The content of our web profile has been prepared for general information purposes only to permit you to learn more about our firm, our services and the experience of our attorneys and personnel. Thus, while our web profile is not intended to be advertising in any traditional sense, in this constantly changing technological world, certain jurisdictions could consider our web profile to be advertising. Accordingly, you should be informed that our entire web profile may be considered an advertisement.

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